the headache 1


I had a headache today. I think this was the result of cutting the grass on a very hot day. I tried shaking it off by a quick shower but it didn’t work. I then decided to take some Nurofen as I needed to go out and do a couple of jobs for Advertise Me. […]

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the vego party 1


We had the party today. It was obviously a Vegetarian party and here are some photos of the food we indulged in: I don’t think many people ate my hummus lol. ACTIVITIES Below is a summary of today’s main activities, tasks and accomplishments: I’ve been creating new banners using GetStencil¬†it is a fast and easy […]

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try something new 1


Have you tried or learnt something new today? I sure did. I decided for tomorrow party to make hummus from scratch.  I’ve never done this before but decided to get out of my comfort zone and just give it a TRY. I followed a recipe I found on the Internet and replaced some of the […]

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