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Digital Wayfinding Solutions is another product created by Advertise Me. We created this solution based on the needs from our clients. Digital Wayfinding Solutions is a complete digital wayfinding turn key solution where we supply the hardware, software, professional services and support to our clients.

As part of the digital wayfinding hardware package, we supply the touchscreen, digital signage player and we even built a custom digital wayfinding kiosk enclosure. I was involved with the design and production of these kiosk. I had to spend time learning about the manufacturing process, learning how to use 3D sketching tools and had to figure out how to read CAD drawings. Overall, it was great exposure and at the same time it was a big learning curve.

Marco Tran The Simple Entrepreneur Custom Digital Wayfinding Kiosk Enclosures

The digital wayfinding software component was also custom built from the ground up. You can read more about some of the software features on the website. Over the years we have introduced new features to the solution such as using QR codes, self-check in and integration with other tools and we will continue to improve the solution.

Marco Tran The Simple Entrepreneur Digital Wayfinding Software

There are hospitals, government agencies and univerisities using our digital wayfinding solution and we hope to expand to other verticals and industries.

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Marco Tran The Simple Entrepreneur Digital Wayfinding Solutions