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The Sponsor My Articles WordPress plugin was the by-product of many years of managing the DigitalSignageBlog.com website. Being the chief editor, I saw the opportunity to try to further monetise the website by creating a WordPress plugin that allowed businesses to sponsor the articles I wrote. Originally, the requirements were quite simple:

– Set the amount to charge for each sponsor

– Limit the number of sponsors to display on each article

– Limit which categories to exclude from being sponsored. This was needed as some articles were guest posts and I didn’t want competitors to sponsor those articles

– Integrate with PayPal to receive payments

– Option to enable captcha to prevent spam

There was two version we released, the free and the paid version. The intention of releasing a free version was to generate some exposure since it displayed our company details on all posts by default.

A year after launching the plugin, we had a number of requests to add features to the product. One of the most requested features was to add a time-based sponsorship, so a post can be only sponsored for a period of time set by the administrator of the website. The addition of this feature helped increase sales and allowed website owners to generate recurring income.

At the beginning of this year, I then decided to add a few more features and these were:

– Option to use shortcodes which can be placed anywhere in a post
– Option to choose Sponsor Section position, Top, Bottom or Shortcode only (meaning it will only be displayed if there is a shortcode present)
– Option to use custom types. The Sponsor section can be now located in any custom post type

I hope to further increase sales with these features and create more useful content for our users. If you want to purchase this plugin then click here.


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