Today we received an email for our digital wayfinding solution. We currently only have a handful of clients using our wayfinding software but as we complete one of the projects we have been working one, we intend to start pushing the product to other industries and businesses. It’s currently being used in hospitals and it has worked really well. The solution is scalable and we intend to add more modules to the software. There isn’t a big market or competition in Australia as there is only a few companies who sell digital wayfinding and we will potentially look for some partners who is able to push this to other clients. We also intend to push more content for SEO purposes and it’s exciting times.

Digital Wayfinding Solutions


Below is a summary of today’s main activities, tasks and accomplishments:

  • New signup for Social Wall
  • Created new daily templates for this blog. I now have 1 template with some default workouts so all i have to do each day is load it and make the relevant changes. My plan is to eventually add custom post type for the fitness workouts
  • Testing a few WordPress plugins for newsletter signup. One of the issues is the signup form redirects to a page upon submission. The option is to change it to Ajax and found a plugin for this but I’m having a few problems
  • Was being chased up by a client who ordered some hardware. I checked with the distributor and they advised there might be a delay receiving the goods. I will need to relay this information to the client
  • Sent an invoice to a client for partial payment
  • Sent  IP address information for a digital wayfinding solutions setup
  • Interestingly, we received an enquiry from India for our digital wayfinding software and hardware, however we currently don’t supply our products overseas. We may potentially start distributing this but it’s still early stages.

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Today, I did a fitness workout which consistent of the below exercises:

  • Rowing – 500m, 40 second skipping, 500m, 40 second skipping, 500m, 40 second skipping, 500m, 40 second skipping
  • Leg curls – 10x 35 kg, 10x 45 kg, 10x 55 kg
  • Front leg extension – 10x 35 kg, 10x 45 kg, 10x 55 kg
  • Back leg extension – 10x 35 kg, 10x 45 kg, 10x 55 kg
  • Calf extension – 10x 90 pounds, 10x 140 pounds, 10x 160
  • Run  – 1km in 5:06 at 12km/h

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2x Up and Go (pre and post workout)

Vegetarian Wrap when I got home from work


Rice with vegetables and yesterday’s left over food.

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I hate being chased up by customers

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