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Wow, how time flies so fast. It’s been 3 years since I started running at least 5 KM per day. You can read my full journey here: RUNNING EVERY DAY This year had its challenges as I caught COVID but still managed to run. I just had very mild symptoms. What I learn through this […]

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Marco Tran The Simple Entrepreneur Spartan Beast Workout header


On the weekend I decided to do the Spartan Virtual Race after a friend suggested I should try it. I haven’t done any Spartan races in the past but my son wanted to try it and I thought I’d also give it a go. Since I actually run every day the running wasn’t going to […]

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Marco Tran How I made Vegan Chocolate Egg and Bunny Video 1

How I made Vegan Chocolate Egg and Bunny Video

During Easter, I decided to create some Vegan Chocolate Eggs and Bunnies. My son is also Vegan (he’s allergic to Egg and Milk) so I decided to make my own chocolate Egg and Bunny. Here’s the recipe I used: https://www.veggiemeals.com.au/recipe/vegan-chocolate-egg-and-bunny/ It was also my first time creating a video recording and editing, he’s the end result: […]

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Vegan Breakfast from Woolworths Homebrand 1

Vegan Breakfast from Woolworths Homebrand

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as a Vegan sometimes you’re limited to what you can have. What I’ve been having is cereal with Soy Milk, Traditional Muesli and a banana. It’s a cheap and very healthy meal. I sometimes even have it for lunch. Here’s the cost breakdown: […]

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my vegan journey

Starting my Vegan Journey

This month is the start of my Vegan journey. I’ve previously already started cutting down on eating egg and dairy. My son has been Vegan since he was born as he has dairy and egg allergies. Since he was born and knowing he couldn’t eat egg and dairy I also decided to partake in his […]

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