During Easter, I decided to create some Vegan Chocolate Eggs and Bunnies. My son is also Vegan (he’s allergic to Egg and Milk) so I decided to make my own chocolate Egg and Bunny. Here’s the recipe I used: https://www.veggiemeals.com.au/recipe/vegan-chocolate-egg-and-bunny/

It was also my first time creating a video recording and editing, he’s the end result:

Some of my friends asked me how I created this and it was pretty simple. The gear that I used was:

XiaoMi Yi 4k+ (I purchased mine from eBay but you can also buy it from Amazon here)

Marco Tran - XiaoMi Yi 4k plus

Marco Tran - Vegan Chocolate Egg and Bunny How To

I connected the XiaoMi to a selfie stick which was mounted on an Octopus Tripod.

I also used my Google Pixel 2 XL to capture the video from the side but didn’t end up using it for the final video.

The editing tool I used for the video is called Rocketium and you quickly and easily use themes to make the video look professional. I need to upload the original video and then add captions – pretty easy to use.

Marco Tran - Rocketium Vegan Chocolate Egg and Bunny