Guest posting is one of the best marketing strategies to increase exposure for your brand and business. Guest posting has benefits for both the website owner and the guest poster. For the website owner, publishing guest posts on their website allows fresh content to be indexed on Google which is great for SEO – content is king. For the guest poster, they would generally want to include some backlinks and even a short Bio in their guest article. For SEO, having these links are great for the guest poster especially if the website it is posted on a high domain authority website. Simply think of backlinks as votes. So the more votes your site has pointing to it, the more popular it is. Since Google indexes all the sites on the Internet and if your link does not have  NOFOLLOW tag, it is able to help better rank your website based on it’s ranking algorithm. There a lot of more factors contributing to Google’s ranking algorithm and it’s a very complex topic to talk about, especially when not many people know what the actual algorithm contains.

Because of the above reasons, there are a few sites I manage which allow guest posting and these are:

Digital Signage Blog – this is a blog with articles and news related to digital signage industry. I’m very strict with the content that is published on this site. If it’s not related to digital signage, then it won’t be published

My Healthy App – this site curates iTune mobile apps in the health industry. I don’t have many articles on there at the moment but it’s growing the database of mobile apps grows

Business Legions – another website I spent lots of time writing how to articles for software packages I use and random things I forget. I recently started adding deals relating to design, technology and entrepreneurs for affiliate marketing purposes and it’s proving to be quite successful. I’ve been earning a few sales from that. All that hard work in writing those articles helped the site gain a high ranking for certain keywords. On this particular site, I also charge for guest posting as it has a pretty good ranking stats.

One tool I’ve used in the past to reach out to website owners is called

Here is a screenshot of what the system returns when I search for Fitness.

Guest Posting Ninja Outreach Screenshot

As you can see the search results gives you a comprehensive set of data to analyse. There is the contact details which is quite important and website traffic stats. Normally the contact info is just a generic email address but there are some with the owners’ direct email address.

The site contains a database of websites and contact details of the owners. It also has many useful articles on how to reach out for guest blogging and provides great videos on how to use their dashboard.

From years of working with guest posters and receiving many emails from people wanting to guest post on my website, I decided to write an article called 12 Tips for Guest posting. You may find this useful, so have a read of it.

Finally, guest posting can be a very time-consuming process but it’s all worth it in the end.


Below is a summary of today’s main activities, tasks and accomplishments:

  • Posted a guest article on the website: 7 Easy Everyday Drinks That Fight Inflammation
  • Investigated an issue relating to DDoS attack which caused our VPS being suspended
  • I was testing the software compatibility of our Social Wall tool with the Samsung DM48E model screens. I previously tested Social Wall on a DM55 and encountered a few issues (mainly with jitter and not displaying Social Wall correctly on the screen i.e cropped). The commercial Samsung screens have built in media players called SSSP. There is a function called URL Launcher which allows the screen to display web pages or web apps. When I tried this with the older models, the Social Wall would be displayed with cropped frame. There’s a tool called which is useful for finding out what the browser screen resolution is. When I tested it a while ago on the DM55 it reported it as 1280×720 which is a HD resolution. The native screen resolution of the DM55 is actually Full HD (1920×1080) but for some reason, the browser on the player was scaling it down. I found this to be a serious issue and discovered the only way to display Social Wall correctly was to use a NativeApp that specified the screen dimensions. This fixed the problem. With the latest version of the DM48 it reports the browser screen resolution as 1920×1920 (very weird).
    whatsmyscreenresolution on DM48E 1920x1920

Rest day.


Cereal with Soy Milk


Rice with vegetables and crunchy Soy

Rice with vegetables and soy


Wrap with sundried tomatoes, cheese and broccolini


Patience – as I mentioned in the Activities section, one of our VPS was suspended and had to wait for the hosting provider to unsuspend. I was waiting patiently and it appears I would have to wait until tomorrow for the service to be unsuspended. Sometimes, situations are out of your control so all you can do is practice patience

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Subscribe to my newsletter where I will share my journey in affiliate marketing, business, technology, fitness and life in general. Hopefully, this motivates you to also change your journey in life.