I played around with the 360FLY 4K camera today and decided to take a few video of the kids on their scooter and bike. I also took a video of me changing the headlights on the Honda CRV 2008. It was a bit tricky. Here are the basic steps to replace the front headlights globes:

  • Remove the plastic cover to access the globes. You need to twist it anti clockwiseHonda CRV 2008 headlight cover
  • There is a metal clip that needs to be pushed in and then to the right-hand side. This will unclip the metal part so the globe can be pulled out
  • Then remove the globe from the cable socket and replace it with the new globe but note the location of the straight section of the corner. The globe has a straight edge so you need to make sure you insert the new one in the same way otherwise it will not be securely locked. Here’s a picture I took – sorry about the bad quality.
  • Once inserted just push the clip again and hook it in by pushing it to the right hand side

That’s it. Pretty simple and straight forward. Upon inspection of the old globe, it appeared to have the tip missing (it was broken).

Honda CRV 2008 Faulty Headlight

The video that I took with the 360FLY 4K didn’t turn out well because it cut off the area at the bottom which is what I needed.


Below is a summary of today’s main activities, tasks and accomplishments:

    • Created a Social Wall banner to place on the Digital Signage Blog
    • Added several client logos to the Advertise Me website
    • Replaced the headlight on the Honda CRV 2008 Model
    • Linked the second mobile service on the Optus account. There was a special deal for the $40 a month SIM only for 12 months. It included a 25% discount and 4GB additional data which was a total of 12GB for the month. It also included unlimited calls and TXT message + 300 minutes of international calls. I previously used Skype for my international calls, so I guess now I will just use my mobile phone.
    • Attached the holder for the 360FLY 4K camera on the scooter. I purchased a generic kit which was suitable for the 360FLY 4K camera.Pimp my scooter - with 360K FLY

Pimp my scooter - with 360FLY 4K

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Today, I did a fitness workout which consistent of the below exercises:

  • Rowing – 500m, 40 second skipping, 500m, 40 second skipping, 500m, 40 second skipping, 500m, 40 second skipping
  • Leg curls – 10x 35 kg, 10x 45 kg, 10x 55 kg
  • Front leg extension – 10x 35 kg, 10x 45 kg, 10x 55 kg
  • Seated Leg curl – 10x 33 kg, 10x 37, 10x 40
  • Calf extension – 10x 90 pounds, 10x 140 pounds, 10x 160
  • Run  – 1km in 4:57 at 12km/h and 14km/h for last 1 minute

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Cereal Nutri Grain – 1 bowl


1x slice of toast with peanut butter and 1 bowl of cereal

2x wraps

Wrap with tomato vegetarian ham cheese and fetta


Fried noodles

Vegetarian Noodles

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The awkwardness when trying to chase up an email. I sent an email to someone and asked them to see if they could forward it to their team… but did they?

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