Let me start off by saying – always compare prices before handing your money over. This has been one of my motto since I was young. Having no money to buy food from the canteen or buying/asking for toys moulded me to become like this and to be honest I'm grateful for having experienced this because now I value money.

I needed to renew my Car Insurance insurance and decided to do a quick comparison before my policy renewed automatically (always set reminders to take action). I came across a car insurance company called Huddle.

After getting a quote for my Honda car I was quoted $522.48 for insuring my car at an agreed value of $7,200 and the basic excess was $800 for fixed 8000 km. I basically saved $200 dollars.

The car doesn't get driven every day hence the reason why I only covered it for 8000 km. So you might be asking yourself what happens if I go over? If you make a claim after your 8000 km you will have to fork out an additional $1000 on top of the excess – basically you're still covered.

I also used a coupon code which gives you a credit for $50 after your policy has been active for 30 days. You can use the code:


and we'll both get a $50 credit. Just make sure you add it in the coupon section on the online form.

If you find something cheaper please let me know.

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