Since doing the Microsoft AI Fundamentals exam almost 2 years ago, I decided also to do the Azure AI Engineer Associate exam. AI is being used in almost every situation you can think of and the generative AI tools such as ChatGPT have made this even more popular. We do plan to add AI features to our Advertise Me product suite hence the reason why I thought it would be good to get this certification.

Like all other previous Microsoft Exams, I did the online Pearson exam and the process was the same. However this time, I rescheduled the exam a few times to fit in with my schedule and I felt I wasn’t ready. I needed to complete the check-in process before the exam and take photos of my desk and surrounding areas that’s why I always pick my dining room as it is very open and there are no monitors or devices around. I remember the first time I did the exam in my office, they asked me to disconnect all the monitors which was a hassle.

The Simple Entrepreneur Marco Tran Microsoft AI Engineer Associate Certificate

For the exam, you need to have a basic understanding of coding in either C# or Python, because the exam includes code analysis. You have the option to choose either of these coding languages and you will be asked to choose one of these two in the exam, and the questions will involve code snippets that you need to complete using a drop-down menu or respond to after analysing the question. I chose Python as I did some Python coding in the past.

There is a survey before the start of the exam whether you’re a Novice or Expert level in the different topics and I just selected Novice. I don’t believe this survey contributes to whether the questions will be hard or easy but I just chose Novice.

When I started the exam, it said there were only 51 questions which I was a bit surprised as I thought there was going to be around 60 questions. According to some websites, you can get anywhere between 40-60 questions. I’m not sure whether the survey has any part in this but I managed to complete the exam in almost 20-25 minutes. I guess some of the questions and also didn’t even review the questions I marked as TO BE REVIEWED. I had a feeling I had enough marks to pass the exam so I didn’t bother reviewing the questions. Also, when you reach the lab questions (there are no simulation questions) of the exam you can’t go back and review the first part of the exam which I didn’t really read thoroughly and just pressed next. One tip that I have is for the NO/YES questions they are normally related to a specific scenario so you can’t go back and change your answers once you click next and it clearly says that in the question. I wasn’t too confident in this part of the exam and based on previous exams and sample questions, there is only 1 YES and the other questions are NO. In my case, I decided to just select all NO answers with the hope that at least 2 in 3 of the answers were correct. I’m not sure if this is the best strategy but it’s what I used when I wasn’t confident in answering the question.

I passed with a mark of 854 which is the highest mark I ever achieved in a Microsoft exam so I was pretty surprised.

Marco Tran microsoft certified security operations analyst associate

I have been using a few of the Azure and Microsoft products and I must say that it has improved greatly, especially from the early days when I used to manage Microsoft servers. If you plan to sit for a Microsoft exam, good luck and maybe read some of my other posts as well go get some tips.

Good luck if you’re sitting for an exam. Like always keep safe and healthy!

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Subscribe to my newsletter where I will share my journey in affiliate marketing, business, technology, fitness and life in general. Hopefully, this motivates you to also change your journey in life.

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