Just the other day I received an affiliate commission of AU$399.00 This was for a sporting item which has a sale value of $3,999.00 (commission of 10%). So far this has been one of the highest commission I’ve ever earned. My previous highest commission was US$345.00 (but it only had a sale value of $690 with a commission of 50%).

Marco Tran - What is your highest commission earned
Affiliate Commission of $399
Marco Tran - What is your highest commission earned 2
Affiliate commission of US$345

Affiliate marketing has been something I’ve been doing in my spare time and it’s something that quite intrigues me on how to drive traffic to websites and then get the visitor to convert. I find online digital marketing to be quite challenging but with the right techniques, tools and processes anyone should be able to start making a few sales and earn a passive income. I even did an online course for digital marketing and in one of the lessons they did talk about affiliate marketing but it was more the theory than anything else.

These high ticket value items are quite hard to convert (well for me anyway). For those of you who are able to easily convert these contact me so we can collaborate and write a post to help those who are struggling.

So what has been your highest earned commission?