Today marks the 30th day of running at least 5km per day! I ran a total of 149.7kms.

I decided to see how my body will respond when running at least 5km each day and yes it’s a bit crazy. I have been running the occasional 1-3 runs a week but never consecutively for 30 days. Let me share with you what I’ve learnt from this and how my body feels. I’ve tracked my runs using Samsung health and Strava. I have the Samsung Gear watch and use the Samsung health to track the runs which ends up synching with Strava. You can read on how I set this up on this post: SYNCHING SAMSUNG HEALTH TO STRAVA

For the first week, I ran a total of 50.5kms. This also included doing some workouts and also on some days (Friday and Sunday) running 10km. My body felt fine and my legs did not feel tired or sore. I was averaging around the 5:00/km. I saw a brown snake during the 10km run but didn’t get a chance to take a photo as it slid away behind the tall grass. 

The second week I was still ok. I managed to run 48.5kms and on Wednesday I managed to do the One Punch Man workout. I did the push ups, sit up and squats in 20 reps x 5 sets which totals 100 for each exercise. Then followed by a 10km run (pace of 5:11/km). I think it was after this run that my body started feeling sore. My left knee had a slight tingling sensation and my thighs and calf muscles felt tight. At the end of the second week my speed slowed down to around 5:22/km and I was breathing heavier than usual. However, I persisted and aimed to continue running… so I did. By the way I had no plans to do this 30 day challenge, it was something that just evolved because I wanted to see how long I would last. I forgot to mention that most of these days were hot and sunny. 

Here’s me drenched in sweat:


The third week was a bit of a struggle. I decided not to do any long runs and completed a total of 39.7kms. For one of the runs, my pace was 5:39/km which is probably one of my slowest solo runs. Legs felt tired at the end of the week. I also did encounter another snake and this time I managed to take a photo:

Marco Tran - 5km runs for 30 consecutive days breakdown snake

The fourth week was very similar to the previous week and decided not to do any long runs. I did a total of 42.3kms which included running with the kids on Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesday, it started raining during my run and I was completely drenched at the end of the run. This was actually the first time I’ve ever ran during heavy rain. There were some sections where I couldn’t even see where I was running and the ground was slippery but I managed to complete the 5km. Here’s a picture of me all wet:

Marco Tran - 5km runs for 30 consecutive days breakdown rain

This week (day 29 and day 30) I ran a total of 10.7km and my pace wasn’t too bad. I pushed myself a little today since it was the 30th day and the pace was 5:03/km. My legs were still a bit sore but I did it! 30 consecutive days of running 5km per day.  For some reason, I could feel my waist being a bit wider  (heavier) even after all this running. Not sure if it’s because I haven’t been doing any weights on a daily basis but after today my plan is to reintroduce some weight exercises and possibly avoid eating late at night.

Overall this experience has taught me that whenever you feel like giving up… don’t! The body may feel like giving up but if you’re determined, you will be able to achieve anything that you set your mind to. Good luck in your own fitness journey and I’ll keep you posted to see if I will continue running tomorrow and the day after.