Here’s a summary of what I’ve learnt from running at least 5 km per day for 100 days and how it relates to an entrepreneurs mindset.

Marco Tran 100 Days of running

What started this journey was not planned at all. In the past few years, I’ve been running on a regular basis (maybe 1-3 times a week) and near the end of last year, I came across a couple of YouTube videos of random people setting a goal of doing something for 30 days. Since I’ve reached the 40 years old club, I knew health should be at the top of my goal list so I decided to try to run at least 5km every day for 30 days. Now, running 5km roughly takes me 30 minutes so I’d thought I could easily fit this in during my daily life routine. All I needed to do was put on my running shoes and head out for a run. This may seem something easy to do in theory but in practice, it was damn hard! I don’t hate running… nor do I love running. I don’t think many people love running at all (if you are not one of these people then you’re special!) but to me, it’s one of those things that if I know something is good for me then I should do it more often – no questions asked.

For 30 days I ran 5km every day then this grew to 60 days then to 100 days and I haven’t stopped since. I have somehow turned this goal into a daily habit and now I’m just seeing how long I will last without injuring myself.

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Now back to how running relates to an entrepreneurs mindset. I’ve learnt the following:


It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to achieve any goal. In this “challenge”, I spent a total time of 53 hours running. On some days I really needed to push myself because I simply felt lazy and was not motivated to run at all but the dedication of achieving the goal was what kept me going.

When entrepreneurs set their business goals of changing the world by creating a product or service they need to be dedicated. They need to ensure tasks are actioned and their ideas are manifested into a reality. Entrepreneurs are hardworking! There’s no doubt about that and they need to:

  • Be consistent
  • Better yourself
  • Be accountable


  • Clears your mind but can be boring at times. Hence the reason why I listen to podcasts so at the same time I’m getting healthy and listening to podcasts also helps my brain development
  • It’s healthy and a great way to lose weight (not that I really need it)

Here’s a list of my latest runs from Strava:

Below is an extract of the audio recording I did in my car whilst waiting for my kids to finish their Chinese class. I’m looking at improving with my verbal communication skills so decided to record myself and here it is unedited. Sorry, some may not make sense at all.

I used the Google Recorder App and below is the transcript:

Firstly, what started this journey was not planned at all. My work location changed so I was no longer able to go to the gym. I use to try to go to the gym on a daily basis during work and after the relocation it would have been a hassle to drive to the gym so I just decided to run. To most people running is boring and hate it but after a while most people do enjoy it so give it a go.

So a few months ago, I ran five kilometres per day minimum for over a hundred days. Now you may be asking yourself why actually did that and I’m just gonna try to break it down and share with you a few of the reasons why I’ve actually done that. Now to start off with I originally planned to run only 30 days. So each day run a minimum of five kilometres. After a while when I hit the 30-day mark I still felt good. I still was able to run and my legs weren’t sore at all. There were some days that I did get sore during the 30 days. The second or third week, my legs started to feel a bit sore but after the 30 days, I still feel fine.

So I decided to continue. And after watching a few videos online, a lot of people have been doing the 100 day challenge, so they’ve been setting goals to do like. Push-ups hundred push-ups for a hundred days or some other people would have done run five kilometers for 100 days.

I thought I’ll do the same. I’ll do five kilometers minimum for a hundred days and see how I go. Mind you wasn’t easy drew that whole process there were times when. The weather. Didn’t. The weather actually. Stopped me from running but I actually ran at home inside the house.

I have a long corridor. So I ran five kilometers inside the house you may think that’s bit crazy, but I’ve heard that there’s actually people who ran marathons inside the house so running five kilometres inside the house doesn’t sound crazy at all. Now there were also times when was raining and I still continued I ran.

During the rain there was one time when I was actually running in the rain it was really heavy rain there’s a first time I’ve ever done that and the floor feel very slippery. So sometimes it’s good to get good shoes with a lot of grip. I also ran when because of Australia was having bushfires.

So I also ran when there was hazy and there’s a lot of fog. Sometimes there was a recommended not to run. If the, If there were if the smoke and the atmosphere was too hazardous so. During those times. I also decided to continue running but do it inside the house again.

So run five kilometers inside the house. And I’ve continued. Doing that for 100 days when I hit the 100 days, I felt very relieved. It was able to achieve that goal and if you look at. Reasons why people try to set goals and try to aim for those goals is so that it.

Helps them build good habits. In my particular case, I feel like I needed to at least exercise every single day. And as you know, as you get older sometimes your body is not able to. Move as well or you don’t have the energy so I thought it’s a good time to start building this good habit so that I can feel healthy as I get older.

And so when I did hit the 100 days, I actually felt as though I achieved something but there was still something missing. I felt like as though yes anyone can actually do it if they set the mind to it. I cannot still continue doing that every single day, can I build it into a habit can I actually do it?

I continue this. Continued this run or this. This would you you can probably say it’s. This habit yes habit for for for the rest of the year, maybe or can I continue it? What is gonna stop me from? Running. What is is there gonna be something that’s gonna stop me from?

Achieving that single goal or 30 minute exercise because my run for five kilometres usually goes for 30 30 minutes or less. Depending on my pace. And I’ve also ran that of this been days where I’ve also ran 10 kilometres 20 kilometres. So planning to maybe mix it up here and there but yes these are but I honestly believe it’s a good habit to have running every day doing some exercise moving your body.

Every day and. If you want to maintain a good weight maintain. A healthy lifestyle then running every day is good for you but I guess some people will say don’t overdo it you don’t have to actually run every day you need to have rest days so if it’s if you need to be able to sense how your body’s feeling if you feel as though your your legs are going to feel sore or they are sore then yes take take a rest.

But I’ve tried to build it in my mind so like David Connings he’s mindset is so strong that he doesn’t really matter how his body feels he can still do it you can still able to achieve you can push yourself to the next level and what is the next level if you don’t try it, you won’t know what the next level is, so I’m trying to do that as well.

I’m trying to see what is my next level like. Along the way I just hope I don’t injure myself. I don’t I don’t hurt myself and that’s something that we all should be careful about not hurting yourself because then if you hurt yourself you’re gonna go backwards because you will take a long time for you to recover or take or take you maybe weeks months to heal, so it’s always best to prevent it if you can but at the same time do you need to also push yourself so there’s a balance.

There you need to work that out no one’s baby to tell you that but you you need to judge that for yourself. So I’m still going with the. Five kilometres per day, it’s two trying to see. What’s gonna stop me from running yeah, but I’ve had some hurdles along the way as I said, you know the weather there’s also people saying be really need to run do you need to do it, why do you have to run and there’s always gonna be people who are like that, oh especially.

You’re close.

They are all the all they’re doing is looking after yes after you so you know they care and I love you that’s why they’re trying to put their answers effective into into it. I guess sometimes it may be right but sometimes they don’t know how your body works and what you’re trying to achieve so very much like business when I’ve run my business as always been hurdles also with with that and you just got to overcome that, you know, it’s gonna be people who are gonna judge you who are gonna try to you know, give you feedback that could be negative and you just gotta try to overcome that or try to rise above that fee back or flows above.

And prove to them that you’re able to achieve those goals. And it’s very similar to how. How I’m trying to apply my running into other aspects of my life like. For business building, good business habits, like China achieved things every day setting goals and putting it in a good.

Good habit. And one of the things that I’m trying to do for for business is to sit goals now set daily goals and see whether I can achieve those daily goals. And continue that put into a good habit. Get into good lifestyle have that strong determination to make things.

Make things work achieve those things. And let’s see let’s see how we go like, I hope that you also can apply some of these philosophies and some of these small locking and guessing encouragement to encourage. You the listener to try to achieve and set your own goals. And. Honestly, I think anyone anyone can do it all you need to do is be determined have some persistence.

Put and perseverance there’s going to be struggles along the way and that’s life life is going to be full of struggles you all know that no I’m just trying to remind you guys making a big clearer. I mean you you’ve probably have gone through more struggles than I have in life and and you and I’m pretty sure you’ve rose above and and you’ve managed to overcome those struggles.

So I hope that this is just part of you know, my my understanding and I guess one of the reasons why I’m trying to. Do this challenge and see how I go. And if you if you want to do the same thing yes start running maybe one or two kilometres a day see how you go get your body used to it and your body will get used to it and then once it’s used to it you might be time for you to increase or you know level up change change your distance change your pace there’s a lot of things that you can do but it’s all about sitting that that the good habit that habit of being able to do something every.

Single day. And I hope you can achieve that and I hope you can share that as well with those people around you your loved ones to so that they can have a better lifestyle that can be of better. Better habits, so peace out and good luck in your journey.

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